Hey kiddo! How's your diaper doing? Is it wet... we thought so! So first off - Baby Fur Con® is 18+ only - we are a group of age players / babyfurs that do adult diaper fetish events. If that's not your jam, or your under age getta outta here

If you love being padded or make crinkle sounds when you walk this is the place for you! Specifically cubs, babyfurs, Bab's, ABDL's, and their Caretakers or other friends please fill out your info and we will keep you informed of our events and happenings. We will never sell your information; it will be kept confidential and used only to let you know about crinkly stuffs! Grab your plushie tight and let's do this! 

For more information checkout https://babyfurcon.com or our parent ORG, Partnership for Artists and Creative Individuals (“P.A.C.I.”) a California 501(c)3 Non-profit. https://ThinkPACI.org
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